What is the name of the only American city from which one can travel due south to reach canada?

Short Answer: Since Detroit is north of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, it is the only American city from which one can travel due south through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel or over the Ambassador Bridge to reach Canada.

How far is Detroit, Michigan to the Canadian border?

The border with Canada is about one mile away, across the Detroit River.You could say the border runs through the middle of the river, so the closest (dry) Canadian is 12 miles away.

If you live in Detroit, what direction must you drive to enter Canada?

Despite the fact that it seems strange that you must drive south from the US to enter our beautiful country, Detroit sits north of Canada.

Where is the only continental U.S. city from which you can drive into Canada due south?

There is no doubt that Canada is located north of the continental United States. You can, however, drive south into Canada from one city in the contiguous U.S. 

American City controlled by Canada video:

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