The Best Things To Do In Franklin Tn

Franklin is famous for vacation and has no trouble getting people to visit and make holidays more joyful there. It is known for its festivals. We’ve covered some best things to do and places to visit in Franklin that you must read before going there.

Franklin, which is just 21 miles from Nashville, is perceived for its flourishing music culture, energizing celebrations, and historic central avenue. With a populace of around 70,000 individuals, it is Tennessee’s eighth biggest city. Franklin is home to various significant foundations, as well as various enormous businesses and outstanding diversion scenes.

The best things to do in Franklin, Tennessee are below are the recordings. Certain attractions might be shut briefly or require reservations ahead of time. Right now, a few diners just give pickup. It’s conceivable that the hours and accessibility have changed.

What to do In Franklin Tennessee

Curious people are fortunate because they will experience adventures. The familiar saying remains constant for anybody visiting another spot, however there are such countless things to do in Franklin and Williamson County that choosing where to start can be a (charming) trouble.

Fortunately, we’ve effectively done the legwork for you! The outcomes are in, and they’re clear: these are the ones you won’t have any desire to leave off your “must-see” list.

Included are the Lotz House Museum, shopping and dining destinations, Carnton Plantation, and rural shops and hotel cool springs that make their community so unique. 

These are 8 Best Things To Do in Franklin Tn

1. Lotz House Museum (Famous in Franklin Tn)

The Battle of Franklin took place in the Lotz House, which was built in the mid-nineteenth century. It’s a Civil War museum as well as a collection of magnificent furniture designed by German woodworker and piano manufacturer Johann Lotz.

Learn about the Lotz family that lived here by taking a tour of the house. Learn about the five-hour conflict that overtook Franklin on the last day of November 1864 on a tour of the property. With 10,000 men dead or injured, it was probably the bloodiest clash of the conflict.

Choose either the Walking Battlefield Tour or the Lotz House Cellar Tour to go on a tour. In the old home, there are ghost tours organized.

You can also combine a visit to Lotz House with a visit to another historic site, such as the National Park Service.

2. Carnton Plantation (Known For Battle of Franklin)

Nashville city chairman Randal McGavock planned and raised the colossal Carnton Plantation in 1826. The home has a significant history due to its closeness to the Battle of Franklin, a five-hour battle that resulted in around 10,000 troops being killed, injured, or missing. For Confederate forces in the area, the Carnton Plantation became the largest field hospital. Four Confederate generals were spread out on the home’s back porch at one point. Their bloodstains may still be seen on the front porch. In addition, 1,500 Confederate soldiers are buried next to the house in a cemetery. Visitors can take a one-hour guided tour of the Carnton Plantation, its grounds, and structures today. Some excursions include a visit at the Carter Home, a historic home about a mile from the Carnton Plantation.

3. Ramble along Main Street in Franklin’s Historic Downtown

Aside from seeing Civil War houses and museums, take a stroll down Main Street, which dates back to 1799. From bakeries to boutiques, antique shops to hair salons, take in the artistic flair and elegant attitude. Browse bookstores, visit galleries, marvel at Victorian architecture, splurge on antique clothing, see a performance at the Franklin Theatre, and savour a pint of handcrafted espresso gelato. Participate in a Franklin celebration if the timing is good.

During your trip down Main Street, you’ll discover the magic of Franklin’s Main Street as you pass by old buildings that have been rebuilt and repurposed. Sitting on a bench, watching the world go by, allow the magic to come to you. You could notice some renowned hipsters wearing cowboy boots. On Main Street, yesteryear blends effortlessly with present times, despite what may appear to be an unlikely pairing.

4. Franklin Farmers Market (Founded By 80 Farmers)

The Franklin Farmers Market was founded in 2002 by eight local farmers who made it their mission to maintain Tennessee’s magnificent farmlands. Nearly 80 farmers in and around Franklin currently sell food and commodities at the market.

The year-round market attracts thousands of locals and visitors. In addition to farm-fresh produce, meats, and eggs, merchants sell baked items as well as handcrafted pottery, furniture, and jewellery. Throughout the year, the Franklin Farmers Market has a significant volunteer programme that arranges unique events and festivals. Every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., the market is open to the public.

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5. Leiper’s Fork (Romantic Place to Visit in Franklin Tn)

In rural Williamstown County, Leiper’s Fork is a beautiful community. The settlement, which has a population of only 650 people, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The town of Leiper’s Fork’s location along the Natchez Trace once boosted the town’s population and helped to the area’s economic growth.

It is currently a quiet and pleasant spot, and modern visitors love visiting Leiper’s Fork’s art galleries, visiting the town’s antique shops, dining at local restaurants, and seeing shows at the Leiper’s Fork Lawnchair Theatre. Year-round, Leiper’s Fork hosts shows, festivals, and other unique events for locals and visitors alike.

6. Hotel – Cool Spring In Franklin Tn

The Franklin Marriott Cool Springs hotel marries comfort and style for a wonderful stay in Franklin, Tennessee, close to Nashville. Arrington Vineyards, historical monuments, and downtown Franklin’s beautiful stores and restaurants are all within minutes of our hotel, which is near CoolSprings Galleria. For energetic travellers, our freshly remodelled M Club, indoor pool, and expanded fitness centre are ideal. Unwind in the comfortable mattresses, which are topped with soft duvets, while watching your favourite shows on the Smart TVs. Stave Restaurant & Bar serves traditional southern fare made with responsibly sourced products. We have the right event and wedding locations, from boardrooms to ballrooms, to make your socially-distanced corporate conference or classy party a success. Let the thoughtful facilities of the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs make us your top pick among hotels in Franklin, TN, whether you’re in town to explore historic Tennessee attractions or to connect with colleagues and friends.

7. Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures, Franklin, TN

Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures is a small, family-owned company located just outside of Nashville. The company provides guided hot air balloon trips over Franklin, Nashville, and the peaceful Middle Tennessee hills. Each day, two journeys are available.

On morning rides, guests can see spectacular sunrises, while on evening rides, magnificent sunsets are prevalent. During its flying season, which runs from April to November, Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures welcomes passengers of all ages. Flights are available throughout the winter, although availability is limited and trips must be planned ahead of time.

8. McGavock Confederate Cemetery

The ruins of the day after the terrible Battle of Franklin, less than two miles away, are adjacent to Carnton House. Nearly 1,500 soldiers are buried in the two-acre McGavock Confederate Cemetery, which was named for the family who lived here for decades.

The cemetery, which is located off Lewisburg Pike in Franklin, is organised by the states represented by Confederate troops who died on November 30, 1864. Mississippi has the most dead (almost 400), followed by Tennessee, which has 225 unidentified troops buried in their graves. Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina are among the other states represented.

Final Remarks

Above are the best places to visit and things to do in Franklin Tn. Among all these places, the Franklin farmer’s market is my favorite to visit there. In just a few years this market attracts more visitors through its charms. If you have any query-related things to do in franklin then please ask in the comment section, I’d love to guide you more.

Here are some frequently asked questions people may ask things to do in franklin tn.

What is Franklin Tn Famous For?

Franklin’s most popular yearly events include the Main Street Festival in the spring, the Fourth of July, PumpkinFest in October, Veterans Day Parade in November, and Dickens of a Christmas in December.

What are the best indoor activities in Franklin?

Take a House Tour, Paint Pottery at Third Coast Clay, Drink a Guinness at McCreary’s Irish Pub, Flip Through Records at Luna Record Shop, See a Movie at the Franklin Theatre, Get Lost in a Book at Landmark Booksellers, Go Rock Climbing at The Crag, and many other indoor activities are available in Franklin.

What are the best outdoor activities in Franklin?

The main street festival, which is an outdoor spring celebration, visiting local parks, and history buffs can take a tour of Carnton House are among the top outdoor activities in Franklin. People also go to antique shops to decorate their homes, and they go to the Arrington location on a beautiful spring day.

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