How Much Time, on Average, Do Americans Spend Celebrating the Winter Holidays?

Best Answer: on Average Americans Spend 42 Hours Celebrating the Winter Holidays.

Details: American consumers expect to spend 42 hours buying, wrapping, and returning gifts as well as partying and traveling to see family and friends during the holidays, according to the latest Consumer Reports Holiday Shopping Poll.

How Americans will be spending their time in the holiday season?

On Gifts:

• On average, consumers will spend 15 hours shopping for gifts. Women anticipate spending 20 hours compared to men’s 10 hours, which is twice as much.

• On average, shoppers anticipate spending three and a half hours in checkout lines; one in four anticipates waiting four hours or longer.

• After arriving home, Americans anticipate wrapping gifts for an average of three hours; one-fourth of them anticipate spending four or more hours doing so.

• Over half of Americans claim they won’t spend any time returning holiday gifts, but the typical American expects to spend an hour doing so.


• Holiday parties, gatherings, and events will be attended on average for 15 hours by friends and family; 30% of Americans anticipate spending twenty hours or more.

To and Fro:

• A quarter (24%) of Americans say they will spend 10 hours or more in the car getting to or from their vacation destinations, according to an estimate of 7.4 hours per person.

How much does the average American spend during the holidays?

This year, Americans expect to spend $997.79 on gifts for themselves and their family. Even if it’s less than last year’s $1,048, that amount is still a sizable sum of money.

Is the tree’s gift-giving empty at this point?

Not at all—a here’s breakdown

Gifts: $650

$230 for food and decorations

Additional Christmas spending: $117

Yes, the cost of Christmas may add up. But keep in mind that those figures are averages based on what the typical American plans to spend. Which leads to our following observation:

How much does America spend on Christmas?

Consumers in the United States projected that they would spend on average $997.73 on Christmas presents in 2023. This amount exceeds what Americans were planning to spend on gifts 20 years ago.

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