What active volcano in the US poses a significant threat to air travel?

Answer: Active volcano in the US poses a significant threat to air travel is Kilauea volcano, Hawaii. 

Threat Score: 263. 

Aviation Threat: 48.

Volcanoes that pose the greatest threat to the US are ranked by the federal government.

List of The volcanoes included in the “very high threat” category are:

1. Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano

2. Washington’s Mount St. Helens

3. Washington’s Mount Rainier

4. Volcano Redoubt, Alaska

5. California’s Mount Shasta

6. Oregon’s Mount Hood

7. Oregon’s Three Sisters

8. Alaska’s Akutan Island

9. Makushin Volcano, Alaska

10. Alaska’s Mount Spurr

11. California’s Lassen volcanic center

12. Volcano Augustine, Alaska

13. Newberry Volcano, Oregon

14. Mount Baker, Washington

15. Glacier Peak, Washington

16. The Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii

17. Crater Lake, Oregon

18. Long Valley Caldera, California

Can you tell me how volcanic the United States is?

More than 10 percent of the planet’s active or potentially active volcanoes are located in the United States.  According to the latest report, 161 volcanoes are of concern, most of which are located along California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska’s west coast.

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