Which part of London looks like NYC?

Here’s the detailed answer of the quote: Which part of London looks like NYC?

The List of some London areas that are similar to NYC:

The City = Financial District. No explanation required.

Knightsbridge = TriBeCa. …

Mayfair = Upper East Side. …

Trafalgar Square. …

Oxford Circus = Columbus Circle.

Chelsea = Lower East Side. …

Notting Hill = Park Slope.

How Big is New York Compared to London?

London has an area of 839 square miles, which is about 50% larger than New York City. While London is larger, its population is only about 10 million. More than 9 million people live in New York, which is about twice the size of London.

Is London or NYC better?

There are some world-famous landmarks in London that make it one of the most beautiful, historic cities in the world. The quality of life in London is often rated higher than in New York because it has more green spaces.

As a contrast, New York is known for its walkability (hence its nickname, “The Big Apple”), cultural attractions such as Broadway shows and rock concerts, and myriad ethnic neighbourhoods.

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