Which us state has a one word capital city?

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Answer the question “Which US state has a one-word capital city?”

Best Answer: Vermont is a state in the United States that have one word capital city Montpelier.

Among the nine-state capitals in the US that contain more than one word include Arkansas (Little Rock), Utah (Salt Lake City), and Nevada (Carson City). The state capital of Vermont is not among them. The capital city of Vermont is Montpelie. In the United state, it’s the least populous state capital. The city of Montpellier was named in honour of French assistance to the American colonies during the revolutionary war.

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How many times has the US capital changed?

Mostly states have changed their capital city no less than once. In the case of the original thirteen states, the “state” in the table refers to the date of adoption of the United States Constitution. Hawaii’s capital honolulu, has a huge quantity of its populace, due to length and tourism. Largest capital by means of municipal land location.

Is a capital a city?

A capital is generally a metropolis that bodily encompasses the authorities’s places of work and meeting locations; the fame as capital is frequently distinctive via its law or charter. In some instances, a difference is made between the professional (constitutional) capital and the seat of government, that’s in another area.

What three US State capitals have the word “City” in them?

Jefferson City, Missouri; Carson City, Nevada; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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