Attractions & Things to Do in Hollywood, Florida

Maybe Hollywood in Florida is not as popular as in California but it does not mean at all that you should take a trip to Los Angeles instead of visiting Hollywood in Florida. Hollywood City is located between Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Miami. Now we will see things to do in Hollywood Florida. First, there is a stunning beach. It means it would be a great location for the people interested to spend time on the beach.

There is a wonderful boardwalk area to the beach end which seems as if it does not belong to the modern era with accommodation and beachfront dining which allows the people to enjoy the sunshine. You must remember that the beach is not the only Hollywood Florida attractions; rather there is also some attractive looking place to visit Hollywood fl such as parks, cinemas, Casinos, restaurants, hotels and galleries. You will like to visit this place if you are connected with the culture. A wide range of art functions is held like the ArtWalk that happens each month and public art installations.

Top 8 Things to Do in Hollywood, Florida

  • Hollywood North Beach Park

Almost 56 acres of North Hollywood are covered by the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean. There is a palm-fringed beach over a mile for the beach lovers so you can go and enjoy soaking up the sun. You will find a park that is bordered by a paved Hollywood boardwalk that is specific for wheelchairs.

On the Intracoastal side park, you will find different picnic spots along with tables and grills. You may find a fishing pier as well. On both sides of the park, there is a lot of parking as well as showers and restrooms. If you have your pet dog with you then both of you can enjoy and have a lot of fun at the Dog Beach located in the north.

  • Anne Kolb Nature Center

If you are a nature lover then you must visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center in Florida. It is dedicated to showcasing and protecting the South Florida ecology which is unique. The Anne Kolb center is located on 1,500 acres of coastal mangrove wetland in which you will find several threatened, rare, and unique species of animals and plants. Then you will find the separate trails and if you are with your family then some short trails will be best perfect for your whole family.

You can easily explore it on your feet. Furthermore, you can jump to the observation tower as well for some eye-catching views of the ocean, estuary, and Intracoastal. That is a great place for the people who love birds as they can view and take photos of the feeding and nesting birds. You can also see some artwork related to nature by visiting the Exhibition hall.

  • Topeekeegee-Yugnee Park

This wonderful part consists of more than 138 acres and it is also called TY park. The complete name of the TY part is translated as the “Gathering Place”. However, now it has become a gathering place for both the local people and tourists. There are a lot of things to do in Hollywood Florida at the TY Park like you can play sports and games like volleyball, basketball, and tennis.

There is also a 2-mile loop path for walking, cycling, or skating. Furthermore, if you enjoy boating then you can also rent boats, paddle boats, and canoes at Marina. Other than that, fishing is also one of the activities that you can do.

  • Yellow Green Farmers Market

You would enjoy visiting the most famous Yellow Green Farmers market if you like to browse the weekend market. This market remains open on weekends, meaning Saturday and Sunday. You will find more than 300 vendors occupying the lounge under the covers.

You can get a wide range of farm-fresh products that include fresh-caught fish, vegetables, fruits, organic poultry, and free-range. Other than that you can get almost everything about your cooking needs like oils, dips, teas, coffees, cakes, cookies, preserves, and artisan beards. Besides, there would also be some stalls for art, jewelry, and pottery.

  • ArtsPark at Young Circle, Hollywood, Florida

The ArtPark at Young Circle is located at a very unusual place as it is in the center of the 10-acre traffic circle. When you visit you will also notice it. This innovative place is quite a famous meeting place where tourists and locals come to enjoy performing and visual arts and activities related to the arts-themed recreation.

There is lawn seating with an on-site amphitheater which can easily accommodate more than 2000 guests. From the Pavilion of Visual arts, you can go to the art gallery to try the martial arts or view the glass blowing demonstration. If you are with your children, then there are also some fun family things to do in Hollywood, fl at the Play Park.

  • Downtown Hollywood Mural Project

The downtown Hollywood Florida mural project is a special invitation for the people who love art to come and admire these vibrant murals. These murals are authorized by the city to enliven and increase some key locations of Downton Hollywood. This amazing artistic venture has a contribution of artists from all over the USA and beyond.

Between the 19th and 21st Ave, there are 28 murals to discover. So, either you can come and join the regular third Saturday art Walk with a free guided tour or download a map to explore the full place on your own. If you are interested to join the tour then you must be at the Visitors Center information booth located on Hollywood Boulevard at 6 pm on 20th ave.

  • Wild Lime Adventures, Hollywood, Florida

If you skip visiting the hidden natural gems of South Florida then your trip to Florida would not be considered as completed. There are special Wild Lime adventures to showcase the ecology and natural beauty of the places such as Big Cypress National Preserve, the Intracoastal waterways, and Everglades National park.

You will get the complete picture because usually the Wild Lime tours are led by the local guides, experts, enthusiastic naturalists, and marine biologists.  You will find a vast range of tours that best fit all ages and all interests. But exploring the Everglades by airboat or swamp buggy is included in one of the popular tours. However, one can also opt for guided kayak excursions and nature walks.

  • Art and Culture Center Hollywood

The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is the place of an ever-changing calendar of modern visual arts exhibitions and it is located in a wonderful-looking mansion. There is also a great range of educational facilities to aspire the local artists and some programs are specially derived towards the children at adjacent school arts.

Other than visual arts this art and culture center of Hollywood features a performing arts facility as well which is nearby downtown. Anybody can visit the center from Tuesday to Sunday in a week and there is a free entry for every tourist and local on the third Sunday of the month. you can get more knowledge about Bars in Hollywood Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hollywood Florida:

Is Hollywood Florida worth visiting?

During the past few years, Hollywood in Florida has become one of the must-visit places on the east coast of Florida. Most of the movie stars even don’t like the palm-lined streets of this downtown area but still, there is a vibrant nightlife with glistening beaches worth any celeb.

Is Hollywood Florida a bad area?

There is a rare chance of 1 in 40 to become a victim of property crime or violence in Hollywood. According to the data based on FBI crime Hollywood is not the safest community in the USA. As compared to Florida and other states of the USA there is a higher crime rate in Hollywood.

Is Hollywood Florida a rich area?

Hollywood is considered as one of the safe places for tourists especially the area along the ocean. But if you are visiting Hollywood you should use some common sense and don’t walk alone at night. You need to beware of strangers.

Is Hollywood Florida safe for tourists?

Hollywood is considered as one of the safe places for tourists especially the area along the ocean. But if you are visiting Hollywood you should use some common sense and don’t walk alone at night. You need to beware of strangers.

Is it safe to swim in Hollywood Beach?

If you visit a beach in Hollywood Florida you should avoid going into the water. There is not any kind of swim advisory as the bacteria levels are quite high according to the Health Department of Florida.

what county is Hollywood florida in? where is hollywood florida?

Hollywood Florida is a beachfront city which is located in southeastern Broward county midway in between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

What is Hollywood Florida known for?

Hollywood Florida is known for many things such as there are more than 60 parks, seven miles of pristine beaches, seven golf courses, and Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

How much does it cost to visit Hollywood Beach 2022?

As compared to the national average the living cost of Hollywood Florida is 6% higher. Moreover, the cost of living depends on a number of various factors like your career, average salary, and real estate value of the area. There are also Seafood Restaurants.

Ending Lines

Here we have explained some of the best things to do in Hollywood Florida during your trip to Florida USA. Whether you are a nature lover, admire the artwork or want to soak up the sun and enjoy the stunning fort Lauderdale Hollywood beach you will get something according to your taste. So, if you are going to visit Hollywood Florida you must read this guide.

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