Top 10 Restaurants In Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood is a town located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami but most people are confused about its famous brand name in Florida. Most probably the residents of Hollywood Florida also like and love it in that way. Because it always keeps this historic city under the hype. It also helps to continue the colorful, funky vibes of this small town.

In Hollywood, you would find a wide range of Restaurants Hollywood fl where the local people like to eat food. A seafood special menu is offered by the waterfront veteran GG that attracts the foodies. Other than that you will find the best burger of the town from the Oprah-approved Le Tub and the best Japanese kaiseki from Kuro. Moreover, the Restaurants Hollywood fl like Viva Brazil, Runas, and A La Turca also served well with their diverse cuisine.

Here we are going to mention some original culinary destinations that you can visit and enjoy their delicious food. 

  1. J28 Sandwich Bar

Hollywood city has the greatest concentration of Peruvians in the United States. So, it should not be shocking for anyone that the country’s cuisine shows two times in the list. In South Florida, the Peruvian sandwiches have now become very famous and that’s the spot that takes the fairly minimalist very seriously. Their signature dishes are sweet potato sandwiches and fried pork.

  1. GG’s Waterfront

You may rarely find any best place in Hollywood other than a sprawling waterside seafood restaurants in Hollywood fl on the North Ocean Drive. GG’s Waterfront restaurant is mostly visited by the locals each time they want to have steak and fresh seafood. One can get watermelon salad, colossal crab cocktail, harissa octopus, golden raisins, and marinated peppers as starters. A special brunch is hosted by the GG,s on Sunday with live Caribbean music.

  1. Kuro

Although there are several Japanese Restaurants Hollywood fl, the Seminole Hard Rock Restaurant stands out from all other Japanese restaurants due to its traditional multi-course dinner. Energetic and keen servers of this restaurant will serve you dishes such as chicken ama dare with broccolini and yuzu ama dare, salmon kare with seasonal vegetables, Japanese curry, and cauliflower. Their menu has a vast lineup of sashimi as well. 

  1. Le Tub Saloon

The locals would not hesitate to mention Le Tub,s hamburger as one of the best Restaurants Hollywood fl. You are not going to find anything stylish about it,s seating and dining as the diners have been assembling here for about three decades. Its beauty is complemented by the eccentric interior and painted toilets along with bathtubs of the wood deck opposite to the Intracoastal waterway. Their signature sirloin burger is large enough to share with others that are made famous by Oprah and GQ Magazine.

  1. A La Turca

Although Turkish cuisine has influenced the cuisines of its neighboring regions, at A la Turca the Turkish cuisine does not seem too prominent as compared to it,s neighbor’s cuisine. The chief of this restaurant will serve you a Turkish menu with a touch of European and American flavors. Except that your visit to this Hollywood downtown will make you an admirer of Turkey,s mezze, deserts, and kebab,s.

  1. Monkitail

In the Diplomat Beach Resort, the Japanese gastropub of Michael Schulson is one of the delightful places to eat in Hollywood which offers a large menu of sashimi, robatayaki, and sashimi options. Most of their menu consists of Japanese fried chicken with daikon, duck shabu-shabu with mushroom, and uni with fresh wasabi. After the meal, you can also enjoy the cheesecake with cream cheese mousse, mandarin gel, chantilly cream, head to Nokku and orange segments.

  1. Point Royal

There is something different that attracts towards the Point Royal other than the hospitality of the celebrity chef Zakarian and Coastal American restaurants Hollywood, fl comfort. That is a perfect three meal a day spot with the lush dining room, Cuban-style wood fans with potted trees and plants. Their offerings are quite captivating that include classic chicken soup also known as Grandma’s special chicken soup along with veggies and dill. All of their menu dishes are paired with some handcrafted cocktails such as the Royal Blood with Absolut Elyx vodka, Ramazzotti, and green grape caipirinha with Leblon. There are also Hard Rock Casino.

  1. Runas Peruvian Cuisine

Lima natives Gerardo Landa and Tony Dominguez have introduced a blend of flavors that differentiate the Peruvian cuisine at very reasonable prices with appropriate street food Hollywood fl culture and decent dining. The Peruvian staples are the bottom line of the Runas menu which made it quite tough for anyone to choose a favorite one. Their specialties feature veal heart skewers present with grinder rustic potatoes and corn. Other highlighted dishes are the fresh mahi-mahi dressed in anticuchera sauce presented with caper risotto and the aphrodisiac tiger’s milk with fish ceviche juice.

  1. Viva Brazil

Viva Brazil is one of the most loved spots in Hollywood which is owned by Luciano and his son Victor Faleiro. This Restaurant has been emerging since the year 2014. Food is delicious at an affordable price. You can try the classic Brazilian rodizio along with the dozen assorted spit-roasted meats served with the skewer. You will get a lot of trips to the cold and hot buffets. So, you can fill up your plate with any of your favorite desserts, salads, and specialty dishes. A stew of black beans boiled with smoked pots of the exotic Brazilian feijoada is specially presented on the weekends. 

  1. El Pollo de Oro

Diego has been a veteran of different chicken spots all over Miami and also manages the kitchen at this hole-in-the-wall Peruvian rotisserie chicken joint. Finally, now he has his spot where you can visit and find the most flavorful and tender chicken north of Peru at a very reasonable price which can easily turn your “golden chicken” into a regular habit. We have reviews of the best Bars in Hollywood Florida.

Pepole Also Ask

What are the best restaurants in Hollywood that deliver?

The best and most famous restaurants that deliver in Hollywood are given below:

•      Rocco,s Pizza Incorporated

•      Pachamanca Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

•      Runas Peruvian Cuisine

What are the best restaurants which offer takeout in Hollywood?

If you are searching for the most famous restaurants of Hollywood that offer takeout then check the below restaurants:

•      Runas Peruvian Cuisine

•      Mojo Donuts

•      Pachamanca Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

What restaurants are in Hollywood Beach?

•  Drunken Dragon

•  Lucali Miami

•  J28 Sandwich bar

•  Hard Rock cafe

•  The Tipsy Boar

What restaurants are on the Hollywood Boardwalk?

Here are the restaurants located on the Hollywood Boardwalk:

•  Broadwalk Restaurant and Grill

•  Sapore Di Mare

•  LeTub Saloon

•  GG’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

What is Hollywood Florida known for?

There are more than 60 parks in Hollywood, seven miles of pristine beaches, seven golf courses, and a seafront that is spread 2.5 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, 13 private schools and a lot of career schools are also there in Hollywood.

Where do Hollywood stars eat?

These are the most popular restaurants where Hollywood celebrities eat food:

•  Beauty & Essex

•  10 Catch LA

•  The Nice Guy

•  Craig,s

•  Chateau Marmont

Ending Lines

Here we have provided a list of Restaurants Hollywood fl for the people who want to visit Hollywood and want to enjoy some delicious food. These are some of the best restaurants that offer quality and flavourful food to their customers regularly. 

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