Top 10 Parks In Hollywood Florida

Parks In Hollywood FL (Florida)

Who can resist the lure of a hike through Runyon, an afternoon at a botanical garden, or a trip to the beach among the city’s many picturesque attractions?—parks in Hollywood, Florida are a wealth of beauty. There’s a piece of nature that fits your lifestyle, whether you’re an art connoisseur or a dog lover. Carry out a cover or go for a walk through 10 of the best (and free) parks in Hollywood fl on those occasions while you’re searching for things to do however don’t want to rise the 282 stages to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.

To be sure, it’s not the same as Hollywood. Hollywood, the home of the US film industry, is located in Los Angeles. 

Florida is known for its beautiful Hollywood beach parks, as well as its pleasant climate and a variety of attractions that make it a perfect beach vacation location. Hollywood has almost 60 parks, seven miles of beaches, magnificent beach resorts, and seven golf courses, making it the ideal environment for an active holiday. 

The Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, a two-mile black-top promenade that ranges along the edge of the stunning Atlantic, entices dynamic occupants and guests to turn out in the outside air by walking, bicycle, or rollerblades, is one of the city’s best highlights.

Along the way, you can grab a bite to eat or a drink at one of the many ocean-front restaurants that line the Broadwalk. Certain attractions might be shut briefly or require reservations ahead of time. Right now, a few eateries just give pickup. It’s conceivable that the hours and accessibility have changed.

1) Topeekeegee Yugnee Park , Hollywood FL

This park, which traverses 138 sections of land, is known as TY park; its complete name means “gathering place,” and that is definitively what it has become for the two local people and guests to Hollywood. The park offers an assortment of exercises, including tennis, b-ball, and volleyball, as well as walking, skating, and cycling along the 2-mile circle trail. Boats, kayaks, and paddleboats can be leased at the Marina, and fishing (from the boats or a dock) is another famous game. Throughout the mid year, the Castaway Island Water Park, which highlights engaging exercises for all ages, is an incredible spot to accompany the entire family.

2) Hollywood Beach Park, Hollywood Florida

Between Miami and Fort Lauderdale is the spectacular Hollywood Beach park, which has become a renowned seaside vacation resort. Hundreds of hotels and resorts flank the oceanfront, providing a diverse choice of lodging alternatives. The beach spans seven kilometers along the Atlantic coast, providing visitors with a diverse choice of activities such as swimming, surfing, kiteboarding, paddleboarding, and more. The paved Hollywood Beach Broadwalk runs for two miles along the beach, where you may walk, jog, cycle, rollerblade, or simply relax at a beachfront restaurant and watch the world go by. The iconic Hollywood Beach Theater and the children’s water playground are popular with visitors.

3) Young Circle Park In Hollywood FL

Young Circle Park is a public park in Hollywood, California. It has a park area of over ten acres. The park offers a variety of educational, entertainment, and recreational programs centered on the visual and performing arts. Concerts, gatherings, and festivals are held in the park. The park features creative play equipment, and the splash pad is the park’s most popular attraction. With a fountain sculpture and an outdoor amphitheater, Young Circle Park hosts a variety of arts events.

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4) West Lake Hollywood Park, 

Walking, running, hiking, biking, individual basketball, and boat rentals are all available at West Lake Hollywood Park. Along interior waterways, it has 47,800 feet of waterfront and 20,600 feet of mangrove-fringed shoreline. This urban park, which spans a three-mile stretch of mangrove estuary and uplands immediately west of the Intracoastal Waterway, is dominated by athletic facilities and a bustling port. A boat ramp, nature trail, racquetball court, and playground are all available at West Lake Park.

Basketball, Biking, Boat Ramp, Walking Path, Playground, Fishing, Jogging, Nature Trail, Water, Ball Courts, Picnic Area, Benches, Racquetball, Tennis, and Volleyball are some of the activities available.

5) Hollywood North Beach Park, Hollywood Florida

The 56-acre Hollywood North Beach Park is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. Beachgoers can enjoy over a mile of palm-fringed beach on the ocean side to soak up the sun. A wheelchair-accessible asphalt boardwalk runs along the park’s perimeter.

On the Intracoastal side of the park, there are various shady picnic sites with grills and tables, as well as a fishing pier. There is lots of parking, as well as facilities and showers, on both sides of the park. If you’re visiting with your dog, the North Beach Dog Beach, about half a mile north, is a great place to go.

6) Holland Park Hollywood Florida

Holland Park Hollywood is a waterfront park with beautiful walking and exploring trails, an observation deck, boat ramps, and pavilions. There are a few barbeque pits in the area where you may sit with your family and cook and eat. The observation tower in Holland Park provides wonderful views of the lush and scenic surroundings. The views of the Intercostals Broadway and Hollywood Beach are the most beautiful. This is a great place to unwind and rejuvenate.

7) Hollywood North Beach Park, Florida

Hollywood North Beach Park is a hidden gem in Florida, with some of the most beautiful and least congested areas of beach and water.

The famous Hollywood North Beach Park, situated among A1A and Sheridan Street and purchased by Broward County in 1988, gives admittance to 1.1 miles of the City of Hollywood’s public beach as well as magnificent perspectives on the Intracoastal Waterway. Parking spaces with beach access (expenses apply), excursion spots, two rental safe houses, fishing wharfs along the Intracoastal, Loggerhead Pocket Park, and four other pocket parks along the Intracoastal Waterway are among the conveniences.

8) Harry Berry Park in Hollywood FL

Outdoor tables, seats, structure, jungle gym with conceal structure, climbing divider, and swings for the delight in guests to this waterfront park, found 1/2 square from the beach region, are for the most part accessible in this quiet latent park settled in the south Hollywood Beach.

9) Hollywood West Skate Park

A Skate Park, designed with the aid of local skate park users, is located behind the Boulevard Heights Community Center. Skaters can ride on a 120″ X 90″ skate area that includes a half-pipe, rails, and steps, as well as picnic chairs.

10) John Williams Park/Sheridan Oak Forest

John Williams Park, a favorite of scouts, overnight campers, and nature enthusiasts, provides an intimate touch with nature while also providing passive recreational activities. A dog park, picnic pavilions, an educational pavilion, and picnic tables and benches are among the site’s features. The park features the Sheridan Oak Forest, which includes a nature walk with interpretive signage for the various types of vegetation seen along the path. There are also bathrooms and playground equipment in the park.


After our research, we found some best parks in Hollywood FL (Florida). National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and other natural preserves aid in the conservation of the natural world and benefit us all in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a park that allows people to walk and exercise or a wildlife refuge that promotes conservation, these places are vital to society.

How many parks are in Hollywood FL?

The City of Hollywood has approximately 35 parks that are ideal for any type of outing.

Is Hollywood Florida a party town?

The Nightlife in Hollywood, Florida is the best. On any given night, Downtown Hollywood, Florida is the place to be. You can go the traditional Latin way and dance at Tekila Bar Club, Casinos, but getting the most out of its nightlife requires a full crawl.

Can you swim in Hollywood Florida?

At Hollywood Beach, stay out of the water. According to the Florida Department of Health, there is a no-swim recommendation in effect owing to excessive bacteria levels.

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